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Project Gallery
By Paul Chretien

Horizontal Stirling Engine

Plans from Home Shop Machinist, December 2005, design by Terry Cross

Paul demonstrated this engine running at the May 2006 meeting.  The plans had just been published in the December 2005 issue of HSM.

The Duclos Gearless Hit N" Miss

The Duclos Gearless Hit N" Miss was a feature in HSM beginning in May 1993.  The engine is also featured in the Village Press Publication "Two Shop Masters - Frank McLean & Philip Duclos".  The engine bore is 3/4" and the stroke is 1-1/8".  A Push Rod activates the exhaust valve with a trip indexer.

Paul's comments: "This is my first attempt at building an Internal Combustion Engine.  It is also the lengthiest project that I have attempted.  The plans were complete and error free.  The written directions given byb Mr. Duclos were a pleasure to follow".


My Zero Six

Original design by Dario Brisighella and featured in Model Engine Builder, May- June 2008 Issue.

Paul's modifications to the plans:

  • 1.0" Bore and 1.5" Stroke

  • Base redesigned for weldment

  • Hopper eliminated in favor of a cylindrical sleeve tank

  • Carburetor, Rocker Arm and Rocker Arm Post design from the Jerry Howell Farm Boy project

  • One piece crankshaft, Aluminum Piston and Cast Iron rings

Small Precision Boring Head and Collet Adapter

The boring head was designed by G.H. Thomas, the plans are available from Guy Lautard.

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