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About Us

SCHSM is a group of amateur machinists (Home Shop Machinists, or HSM, if you prefer) who associate to:

  • Share our knowledge and experience with each other

  • Admire each other's work

  • Exchange ideas, information, techniques, and sources of tools and supplies

  • Consider cooperative buys of equipment

  • Visit local suppliers to learn about their products and processes

  • Have fun with a bunch of people who understand our hobby

Our membership is well-varied, including:

  • machine shop instructors

  • machinists and welders

  • a gunsmith

  • film industry specialists

  • amateur radio operators

  • engineers

  • medical professionals

  • and many others from interesting backgrounds

who all share a love of metal, assure lively discussions and a variety of viewpoints for problem solving. Joining is pretty easy - show up at a meeting and, assuming you're breathing, have an interest in working with metal and are willing to share, you're a member. Hands-on metal working is central, but related topics are not considered off topic.

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