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Group Projects

Farm Boy Hit n Miss Engine,  Plans by J.E.Howell
It Runs....The project was completed and demonstrated to the club members at the February 2010 club meeting.

The May 2009 meeting saw the kickoff of the group build project.  Participation in the build was entirely voluntary and suggestions for the project were solicited from the members.

Six designs were submitted and voted on by all members in an online poll hosted on the club yahoo group (now  The Farm boy design by Jerry Howell was selected for the build.  UPDATE: It is with great sadness we learned of the passing of Jerry Howell on August 29, 2009.  Jerry gave out project his blessing and said that he was honored we chose his design to build as our first team project.

Graham Hollis was elected the project coordinator and he set about dividing the plans into logical build groups.  The Farm Boy engine has a total of 86 parts, of which 63 are unique.  The time estimated to complete fabrication was 325 hours.  The 86 parts were broken into 19 groups with each group assigned to one participating member.  The goal was to have all fabrication completed by the November meeting and have the engine running at the December meeting.

Eighteen members signed up to participate in the build and the pictures above show the progress provided by some of the members.

The following members participated in the project:


  • Paul Chretien ----- (Frame)          

  • Bernie Wasinger

  • Ron Gerlach ------ (Head and Valves)

  • John Miller

  • Dan Snyder ------- (Rocker arm, post and pins)

  • Peter Wood ------- (Connecting Rod)

  • Graham Hollis --- (Gears and Cam)

  • Ken Rector

  • Jim Endsley

  • Eldon Barkley

  • Bruce McCune

  • Marv Frankel ---- (Flywheels)

  • John Arenson

  • Charles Fox ------- (Crankshaft Lubricators)

  • Wes Jensen

The build team would like to thank the following members for their kind donations to the project:

  • Chuck Goebel

  • Charles Angelis

  • Norm Wells


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